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Sunday, July 27, 2008

I have been absent for some time and I apologize to all my friends, fans and stalkers for leaving you high and dry.
I have been romping in the woods on weekends at the camp and taking care of Daddy while he has been home sick.
What are kidney stones? What are gall stones? It seems he has them both and they are very very bad.
Now I like stones in general. Occaisionally I like to play with one like a soccer ball, or pick one up like a tennis ball. I have even been known to carry them into the cabin and make piles of rocks behind my couch. I can't see Daddy's stones, but he holds his tummy and says they hurt. He has stayed home with me alot lately which I like. I sit with him, or we take naps together. Mommy comes home after work and we play in the back yard and when I make my contribution to her poop collection, we play stick and I become a fierce woodland creature, like a Beaver on steroids!
I like it when we go to Granny's camp in the woods. We cook good stuff, like meatloaf tonight and chicken last night, and I get to play outside without my leash, as much as I want!
At night we come in, watch alittle TV, chew a bone or two, and go to bed. I love to sleep in my Daddy's arms. He needs me to take care of him.
Mommy is doing ok. She and I have our routine, even though I don't get to be with her in the day time she knows I love her lots and lots.