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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

First Snow!!

Very Good Snow - not today :(

Hi!  I am Murphy!  Good Dog!  Very Good Dog!

Today Mom and I went out in the First Snow! I love snow!

Not enough to roll around in but it was cool and wet on my face and the grass was cool and wet on my back!  I love to roll when the grass is cool and wet...Mom is not a big fan.

The wind was blowing through the woods and I could smell all the lovely woods smells, and today was the beginning of some interesting winter smells!  Somebody has been coming to the side door when I am not looking....I smell them!  I can almost see them with my nose.
Poor Mommy....her nose is so tiny...I don't know how she smells anything at all.
She says she likes the way I smell - she is always kissing my nose and sniffing my head.
Silly Mommy - she knows that is not where the best smells are, but that is what she likes to do.

Our First Snow was a little disappointing!  I like big piles and I like to run through the yard in circles when the snow is light and fluffy and inches deep and scoop snow up in my mouth like a shovel.

I also like to dig down deep under the snow and follow my nose to see what I can find down there!  There are always interesting goings on under the snow, if I could just get down far enough, if my nose was juuuuuuust a bit longer.....

I like to catch snow balls when Mommy throws them at me.
I don't like it when she shovels the walk and throws big piles of snow on me!  That is just rude.

I like to pounce on Daddy when he comes out and gets down on all fours with me!
These are the best days!  Best Days!  Woof! Good Dog!!!

Sometimes they bring a tennis ball!  Oh!!!  THOSE are the BEST days! Woof! Woof!
Mommy and Daddy and Snow and Tennis balls!!! Best Days!!!! Woof!
just a little snow, where it doesn't belong

And no cats.  Cats are crazy - Mommy said so.

Last Winter I was with my Mommy
and her Mommy (Mia) and we lived in Louisiana for a long long long long long long time.  There was no snow at all!
Well, maybe once, but I was inside.  Woof.

There were no cats either!  That was good - very good!  Cats are crazy.
I got Mommy all to myself.  I got Mia too!  Lots of bed time, lots of rides in the car and visiting the bird park - lots and lots of good new smells there!
C. Bickham Dickson Park - Shreveport, LA 2013

The snow is coming....
I can tell.  Mommy and Daddy have their layers on and special waterproof feet protectors.  Poor Mommy and Daddy have to protect their delicate feet - and they only have two each!  So sad.

I will try to be Good Dog and write more often.
I hope all my friends are having a good winter and have lots of snow to romp in and dig under and scoop up and eat!