I Am A Ruby Red Baby, I am Murphy, beloved baby, sweet boy, golden doughnut, sexy beast, thunder paws, farrah fawcett, cuddle muffin, fluffy butt, sock surgeon, egg shaped baby, paper addict, ice cube hunter, jello lover, best traveling dog ever and beaver butt.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

End of Summer

I Murphy, am good dog, best boy, sweet baby, best tennis ball finder and Mr. Big Nose.

I have the best Mommy and the best Daddy and the best Mia (granny).  I have two sisters - we will talk about them later.
Here I am riding with some people puppies who came to visit and dangle strings in the water. 
Memorial Day with Mom and Friends
My summer has been full of fun boat rides, swimming, romps in the woods 
and drives to and from Mia's house.  

Me and Bailey cruising - he can not be trusted to stay on board - hence the leash.
Bailey is insecure, I let him get some love from Daddy because he does not have a daddy.

I love my Mia - she is very good about sharing her buttered toast and eggs with me.  She always has enough cat food left in the can, for a snack for me, and she never forgets me when we have pizza.

Mommy knows how to make food in a place called Gard Den.  It is a nice outside place and Bailey and his Mom come and play and make food too.  I am not sure what a toe may toe is but it is not as good as pizza or Daddy toes.

This is Cleo.  Daddy brought her home a few weeks ago.  I don't know why...she does not smell so good...she does not play ball....she does not swim...she does not like to lick Mommy and Daddy....I don't know what she is good for.  Sister Zsa Zsa does not like her AT ALL!
Zsa Zsa in all her plushiness!
Cleo on her first day on the porch - NOT happy to see me.

To be fair, Cleo is a younger, thinner version 
of Zsa Zsa.....what was Daddy thinking?
Zsa Zsa Greeting Me on a Sunny Day
I love Mommy and Daddy best so they must know best.
Though I wish they had brought home a tennis ball instead - but don't tell Cleo I said that....I don't trust her with that information.
I am very photogenic.
The days are much cooler now and the leaves on the ground make a satisfying crunch when I thunder through the woods at Mia's house.  I still go in the water on warmer days, and when I have done a bunch of running, and when there is a tennis ball that needs rescuing, and when I am thirsty, and when Mom is taking the boat out...she loves it when I am wet from the lake and come sit on her feet.
Mom calls me Thunder Paws

Me and Mia on a ride.

Rest after a long day of romping and tennis ball retrieving.

Time for my mid morning nap!  See you all soon!