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Saturday, July 18, 2015


Mmmmmmmm naps.....
Naps with Mommy and Daddy are the best.
Naps with Mommy and Daddy when they are scratching my head are the very very best.

Naps with Mommy's Mommy are pretty good too...

Have I mentioned I have two "sisters".  They do NOT like each other.  The DO try to hog the Mommy and the Daddy for nap times.  Just because they are so small, and quiet, they think they can just sit and sleep where ever they want!


I am Murphy the Healer, but I am not Murphy the great blog writer....I am much too busy with my dinosaur bone...my Daddy's socks....waiting for Mom to come home from work...and keeping any eye and a nose out for any food that may need eating.  Mommy and Daddy would be lost without me there to pick up the bits that fall on the floor, or wash their dishes, or taste each dish...for their health and safety of course....

I am a busy boy....good boy.....busy boy......

This is my best friend Bailey.  He has a lot of clothes.  He thinks he is so special because he gets his hair done...I like my hair the way it is....he is high maintenance.  But he is fun to play with.
He is my best friend, so we go on adventures and talk about the cats behind their backs.  Sometimes we have sleep overs and then we get walkies together at night and in the morning!  Woof!  Walkies are the best!

Bailey does not swim.
I did not swim when I was little.
Maybe when Bailey gets big he will want to swim.
He wears a lot of clothes, so I don't know how that will work.

I love to swim.
I also love to shake and get little of the lake on everyone.  It feels so good!  I want them to feel good too.

Hope you get to swim and shake the lake on your family this summer!
More later!