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Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Christmas List

1) That Zsa Zsa learns her lesson the next time she hides under the Christmas tree (and Mom yells at her) instead of playing with me.
2) Snow
3) Tennis Balls
4) Mommy gets to stay home and sleep, walk, snuggle, scratch my back, and toss tennis balls all day long.
5) Chicken Parmesan
6) An off leash run at a rabbit farm
7) An off leash run at the lake
8) Granny
9) Peace on Earth
10) Snow (did I say that already? well it bears repeating)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Post Romp Rest

Mommy and I went for a nice long walk after work then came back and sat on the couch and waited for Daddy to come home. She let me chase after some excellent smells. The snow has been melting and there are fewer places for me to roll around but we found a good one right in our own driveway and Mom always lets me get my roll on.
When the snow melts there are more smells so there is a trade off.
My sister Zsa Zsa has been causing trouble with the Christmas Tree. It is her first year and I don't think she understands that the tree is not for her to play on. Mom keeps a squirt bottle nearby.Zsa Zsa likes to pretend we can't see her. She isn't fooling anyone.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Finally! Snow! I had forgotten all about it until Mommy took me outside to romp and there it was! I love rolling around in the snow, rubbing my back in the cool wetness. Mommy does not.