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Monday, October 13, 2008

Endless Summer?

Is Summer over? How did that happen? This has been the greatest year of my life (I am 2 and can't really remember the first one too much) and it is ending??? Why can't we go on swimming and romping, why do things have to change?

Does this mean Granny is going away? I haven't seen her in a long long time now. When we go to Granny's house in the woods I get to have two mommies and that is the BEST! She knows how to sneak me tasty tidbits from her plate when we eat out on the porch. She likes it when I am the first one up in the morning and come sit on her bed. Well, sometimes I make her squeak...if I hop on the bed and wake her up with a kiss. She is funny when she is waking up. Granny smells like Mommy and Granny, my favorite smells!

When will I get to swim again? I am an excellent swimmer and stick retriever. I am good at getting sticks in the woods too, but it is most fun when I get wet. Daddy and I can play stick in the lake forever!

You know what is even better? Tennis balls! Tennis balls are one of life's great pleasures! Tennis balls are so wonderful I hate to give them up. Mom keeps two in her pocket so when I have one, she has one too. She must love tennis balls too.

When Mommy turns to go inside, I run up to her side and put the tennis ball in her hand. But I am quick! As soon as she starts to take it, I turn and run! She knows I love to play! She knows I love my tennis balls. She will turn and start to walk back and I will run back to her quick and stick my mouth in her hand with the tennis ball and she will try and grab it, but I am too fast! Too fast for Mommy! Ha Ha! She gets tired of this game, I never do. This is why she keeps the second tennis ball too. If I won't give her mine, she will offer me hers....I sometimes drop mine in my excitement...she throws hers and I chase and she grabs mine. Clever Mommy.
We do this alot.

I am a good swimmer and a fast runner. Running in the woods is so much fun.
No leash! No leash! No leash! This is why Granny's house in the woods is the BEST!
I can go outside by myself if I want to. I can explore the woods and follow strange smells of other local residents. I can visit the Uncles in the little house, I can visit the workmen next door, I can go swimming, I can visit stuck up cousin Chloe who doesn't really like to play with me. She thinks she is SO SUPERIOR, like she isn't even a dog. Poor Chloe, doesn't even know she is a dog. Doesn't know how to play in the woods. Doesn't have any tennis balls.

Summer means long rides in the truck. Summer means Granny. Summer means swimming. Summer means NO LEASH when I am in the woods. Summer means many wonderful smells that you need to smell to believe! Summer means cousins with two legs and four. Summer means longer walks when Mommy comes home from work. Summer is the best. I think this year I will keep it Summer all year long. I will tell Mom and Dad to work on that. They are smart, they will figure something out. I think it is a great idea!