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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Let It Snow!

What was I thinking? Winter is my favorite season! There is nothing as wonderful as a romp in the snow. Nothing as satisfying as burying my nose in a fresh pile of newly landed snow, except maybe rolling in it with my paws in the air, scratching myself on the icey crust below.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Endless Summer?

Is Summer over? How did that happen? This has been the greatest year of my life (I am 2 and can't really remember the first one too much) and it is ending??? Why can't we go on swimming and romping, why do things have to change?

Does this mean Granny is going away? I haven't seen her in a long long time now. When we go to Granny's house in the woods I get to have two mommies and that is the BEST! She knows how to sneak me tasty tidbits from her plate when we eat out on the porch. She likes it when I am the first one up in the morning and come sit on her bed. Well, sometimes I make her squeak...if I hop on the bed and wake her up with a kiss. She is funny when she is waking up. Granny smells like Mommy and Granny, my favorite smells!

When will I get to swim again? I am an excellent swimmer and stick retriever. I am good at getting sticks in the woods too, but it is most fun when I get wet. Daddy and I can play stick in the lake forever!

You know what is even better? Tennis balls! Tennis balls are one of life's great pleasures! Tennis balls are so wonderful I hate to give them up. Mom keeps two in her pocket so when I have one, she has one too. She must love tennis balls too.

When Mommy turns to go inside, I run up to her side and put the tennis ball in her hand. But I am quick! As soon as she starts to take it, I turn and run! She knows I love to play! She knows I love my tennis balls. She will turn and start to walk back and I will run back to her quick and stick my mouth in her hand with the tennis ball and she will try and grab it, but I am too fast! Too fast for Mommy! Ha Ha! She gets tired of this game, I never do. This is why she keeps the second tennis ball too. If I won't give her mine, she will offer me hers....I sometimes drop mine in my excitement...she throws hers and I chase and she grabs mine. Clever Mommy.
We do this alot.

I am a good swimmer and a fast runner. Running in the woods is so much fun.
No leash! No leash! No leash! This is why Granny's house in the woods is the BEST!
I can go outside by myself if I want to. I can explore the woods and follow strange smells of other local residents. I can visit the Uncles in the little house, I can visit the workmen next door, I can go swimming, I can visit stuck up cousin Chloe who doesn't really like to play with me. She thinks she is SO SUPERIOR, like she isn't even a dog. Poor Chloe, doesn't even know she is a dog. Doesn't know how to play in the woods. Doesn't have any tennis balls.

Summer means long rides in the truck. Summer means Granny. Summer means swimming. Summer means NO LEASH when I am in the woods. Summer means many wonderful smells that you need to smell to believe! Summer means cousins with two legs and four. Summer means longer walks when Mommy comes home from work. Summer is the best. I think this year I will keep it Summer all year long. I will tell Mom and Dad to work on that. They are smart, they will figure something out. I think it is a great idea!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Am I The Center Of The Universe?

All knowledge, the totality of all questions and all answers,

is contained in the dog.

-Franze Kafka

Who would have thunk - Franz is a dog person!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Perfect Retriever

Perfect Retriever
Originally uploaded by Gertibird
I love to swim. I have webbed feet that help me swim and swim and swim as much as I want. I love to swim almost as much as I love to chew sticks. When I get to do both it is the best of all!!!
Mommy throws a very good stick!
I am the best at getting it back to her!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I have been absent for some time and I apologize to all my friends, fans and stalkers for leaving you high and dry.
I have been romping in the woods on weekends at the camp and taking care of Daddy while he has been home sick.
What are kidney stones? What are gall stones? It seems he has them both and they are very very bad.
Now I like stones in general. Occaisionally I like to play with one like a soccer ball, or pick one up like a tennis ball. I have even been known to carry them into the cabin and make piles of rocks behind my couch. I can't see Daddy's stones, but he holds his tummy and says they hurt. He has stayed home with me alot lately which I like. I sit with him, or we take naps together. Mommy comes home after work and we play in the back yard and when I make my contribution to her poop collection, we play stick and I become a fierce woodland creature, like a Beaver on steroids!
I like it when we go to Granny's camp in the woods. We cook good stuff, like meatloaf tonight and chicken last night, and I get to play outside without my leash, as much as I want!
At night we come in, watch alittle TV, chew a bone or two, and go to bed. I love to sleep in my Daddy's arms. He needs me to take care of him.
Mommy is doing ok. She and I have our routine, even though I don't get to be with her in the day time she knows I love her lots and lots.

Monday, May 26, 2008

King of the Couch

Mommy and Daddy know how much I like pillows. Sometimes Daddy tucks me in even though I am perfectly comfortable in my own fur. Daddy is so silly. I do appreciate the couch they bought me. I share it with Mom every evening when we all watch TV. The rest of the day the bed and the couch is all mine.
Truthfully, all I do all day is wait for Mom to come home.
I am patient, I know she will be back, I know she loves me best.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

This is me. I learned how to swim last summer and getting a stick from the lake is almost my favorite thing ever. The days are getting longer and warmer here. I wonder when Mom and Dad will take me back to the lake? I wonder if there will be plenty of sticks? I like rocks too, but they don't float. The longer days now are good. Mommy can take me on more walks after work. Mommy is a good walk taker, and she likes to walk at night but I don't like to do my business in the dark. So longer days are better for me.
But the best thing is longer days at the lake. Longer days and longer nights with Mommy and Daddy at the lake. Long romps through the woods, into the lake, over to Granny's porch and back to the lake!!!
And the cousins! The big cousins and the little cousins and the furry cousins and me!
Me and my favorite cousin!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I Love

Love when I am outside with Mommy and Daddy.
Love when I can chew a stick, be with Mommy and Daddy, and sniff around where the rabbits have been.
Love it even more when Mommy and Daddy eat dinner outside and I get treats.
I love treats best of all....except for Mommy and Daddy.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Studio Sunshine

Murphy In The Studio Sunshine
Originally uploaded by Gertibird
Mommy went a little crazy one day. She was clicking away and giving me instructions about where to look, and where to lie down. She seemed to be having fun so I put up with it for a while. The warm sunshine was also quite relaxing so I didn't mind lying there for a while.
Mommy is a bit of a shutterbug and I am her favorite subject.
I don't mind. Mommy is my favorite mommy.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Cute Little Bunny

My Arch-Enemy!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mine Mine Mine

Mine Mine Mine
Originally uploaded by Gertibird
ok, dad. just say fetch. you dont have to say fetch the stick. stick. branch....all the same to me. now let go and then try to get it from me. why dont humans use their mouth? its so good! you should try it! well, i love it anyway. can i bring it in the house? why cant you throw it very far! are you sure you dont want to pick it up with your mouth. where do sticks come from dad? i wish they grew on trees! like money! and squirrels!! that would be awsome! yeah. then they would be everywhere! i can dream cant i? dad?.....i wish you were a stick. dad. i love you. but, i'd love you more if you were a stick. is there such thing as a stickman, you know, half man half stick. lets make a , how do you say, si fi movie where a stick man attacks the city and i fly around with a cape and save the day. wow. that would be cool. i could watch that movie while i chew on this stick. why cant i take it in the house again. wow, i wish i could take it in the house. can i live outside? would you build me a house of sticks? what? wood? whats that? you mean our house?! really?!!! can i fetch the house??!!!!! i could to fit it in my mouth. with this stick and 2 tennis balls. wanna bet? how much you wanna bet. i bet 5 sticks. ok, lets up the steaks. 400 doghairs! wait a minute. i was talking to the squirrels the other day and they told me that your made of bones. is that true?! they said something about saving the nuts for them. dad? what are they talking about? what are nuts? what, the guy typing my thoughts is nuts?! hey squirrels! your gonna have to go to texas! better store some train tickets in them there cheeks of yours. dad? what do squirrels taste like? they wont let me taste them. i just want a taste!
(as translated by ehaw)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Where am I?

Where am I?
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Daddy and I had a wonderful day today.
We took a long ride in my truck and Daddy played the music loud and gave me plenty of room to put my nose out the window and sniff the delicious new wind.
This new wind is warmer than the old wind.
This new wind is gamier than the old wind.
I think it is delicious.

This picture is from when I was just a baby. This was my first trip to the beach with Mommy and Daddy. Beaches are full of interesting smells and lots of fun people who want to pet me and tell me how cute I am. Well that happens just about everywhere, but beaches are even better.

Everything was new, I had only been with Mom and Dad about 6 weeks and I was learning to ride in the truck without throwing up. It was scary at first, everything moved so fast.

Now I love to ride in the truck. There are some places where people have dog cookies waiting for me. I like those places best.

No matter where we go, I love to be with my Mom and Dad, even if it is just on our couch at home.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Rolling Rolling Rolling

I will miss the snow.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Best Friend

Rick & Murphy 3.18.08
Originally uploaded by Gertibird
This is my new best friend. He comes to my house and plays with his toys and makes lots of noise.

Once, when Mommy and Daddy were both sick, he took me for walks and pets me and tells me I am a good boy. He says he likes the way I smell. That is how I know he is my very good friend.

Sometimes he keeps me in the other room when he plays with his toys. I tell him I am a good helper. Mommy puts the leash on me when we walk through that end of the house. There are so many things to sniff and taste and she just wants to hurry through. Silly Mommy.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Out To Play

Mommy came outside today. We went out into the sunshine together.
I was a good boy, good boy.
Mommy mostly stood still while I dug in the snow for ice sticks.
I love ice sticks.

I love my Mommy.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Mommy Is Sick

Mommy is sick but I am helping her.
She needs me to help her get her rest and get some exercise (but not too much right now).
She also needs me to remind her to eat and drink enough. I am very good at reminding her of those things. I am even better at helping her get rest. She relaxes the minute she starts petting my tummy. Her tummy hurts, so it is hard for her to move, but I curl up next to her and keep her warm while she rests.
Every doctor should have a Golden Retriever on the payroll.
HMOs should insist on visiting Goldens for all recovering and ailing patients. They would save so much money on medicine for depression and pain if they just helped people have more Golden Retrievers in their lives.

Mommy still smells like the hospital. It has only been three days since she came back(Bet you didn't know I could count) and she still cries sometimes....like a puppy cries when it is hungry or dreaming. She says she will be OK. I know she will be OK.
I can't wait till we can romp in the snow some more. We have had ALOT of snow since she came home and I want to play, but I am a goodboy, goodboy and will waaayyyt for her.

I hate to waaayyyt but love to be with her.
I am sitting.
I am goodboy.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

There Is Nothing Like A Stick

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm Back!

Mom and Dad banished me from the computer for a while. They wanted me to focus on eating dumplings, running around, pooping and napping. I am very good at all those things.
Normally Mom and Dad are proud and happy when I poop. They always add it to their collection. These days they have been a bit obsessive.
Mom said I should post these pictures of the bits of metal that I passed today.
She and Daddy seem especially happy, so I will humor them.

I didn't swallow the dice, I guess she wanted you to see how big things were.
Pretty cool huh?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Two Xrays

We have been sifting through Murphy's poop. Now that is love.

We have not found the metal pieces of the razor.

Had another xray this morning, the doc says they are moving just the way they are supposed to.

She also told us the pieces are much smaller than they appear on the xray (the looked big and scary to us!)

Murphy is fine. He is enjoying his dumplings. He gets dumplings with everything now.

He has no idea why we are so concerned about him, but he is enjoying all the attention and of course the food.

Daddy is NOT enjoying the poop sifting.

The doc said one of the pieces of metal looked like it would be coming out soon. We are hopeful.

She said she wasn't worried and we shouldn't be either.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Note From His Mother

Murphy is in SO MUCH TROUBLE!
He chewed and swallowed part of a single edged razor blade.
Took it off the computer desk where Daddy was preparing to cut some contact paper, and chewed it and swalled part of it.
We took him to the vet and got an xray and see the parts in his belly.
So do you know what we get to do for the next couple of days?
Not only do we collect his poop, but we sift through it looking for bits of metal, so we know it has passed.
We are feeding him bread mixed with a variety of his favorite flavors (on doctor's orders) in hopes it will bind, pick up the metal bits and carry them out safely.
Mommy and Daddy are FREAKED OUT.
Your good thoughts are appreciated.
Mommy will post again later to let you know.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

All Purpose Feet

Poor Mommy. She does not have good feet like me. They smell good and taste great, but when it is time to romp, she has to put on her outdoor feet.
First she puts on ssaahhks .
Funny word - ssaahhhks......yum yum.
I love ssaahhhks.
After she puts on ssaahhks then she puts on sshhooz.

I love sshhooz. yum yum yum.
Poor Mommy, she does not have all purpose, indoor, outdoor feet like me.

My feet are soft on top, rough on the bottom so I can walk any where I please. I also have webbed toes. I am an excellent swimmer. It took me a while to learn how, but now I love to swim and chase sticks and balls that Mommy throws into the lake.
When Mommy goes out in the kayak I can follow her too. Sometimes she yells at me, but I am an excellent swimmer and like to be with her all the time. I can also help her when it is time for her to get out of the kayak.
I like to be a helpful boy.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Who Do They Think They Are?

They come here, eat my peanuts, flick their tails, and play in my yard as I stare them down from the window.

I do not understand why Mommy and Daddy are so nice to them. They are not that cute. They only do a few tricks. And they don't let me sniff their tummys at all!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Pure Joy

I Murphy
love to roll
in the snow.

There is nothing better

than a roll in snow.
Pure joy.
Mommy calls me roly poly.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Deep Snow and Mud Mystery

The snow is now higher than my ears, not quite higher than my tail, but almost! I have to climb a little mountain to get into my yard. The frozen pinecone cigars are buried, but my nose is pretty good at excavating them if I can get over those mountains!

Mom and I went walking today. She stayed home from work to take care of Daddy who smelled like the hospital when he came home last night. He has been up and about, cooking spaghetti and brownies and sharing his rice pudding with me. He is the BEST DADDY EVER! I love rice pudding and jello and all kinds of special treats that he sneaks to me when Mommy isn't looking. And Daddy's spaghetti is the most delicious food ever!!! Daddy puts alittle on my kibble and I eat it all!

I was taking a look at the truck today when we went to the grocery store (to buy more spaghetti). There is alot of mud on it. It seems strange that there would be mud on the truck when there is so much snow on the ground. I remember Mommy had mud on her jeans when she came home last night and later I heard Daddy talking to Aunt T about digging the truck out of a ditch. I am not sure what a ditch is, but that must be where the mud came from. And Mommy has been tired and taking a few extra naps with me, so it must have been something big.

I like it when we are all home together. I am happiest when we all sleep together in a big cozy pile in bed with lots of pillows and blankies. I bring a bed bone with me for company if I wake up before they do, which is most of the time.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Weekend Wanderings

Humph....my nose is full of saw dust and no one will let me chew the wood in the front room. I believe this is a violation of my rights.
And I wish to lodge a formal complaint about my incarceration every time the men come over to play in the kitchen. I feel I am being unreasonably restricted in my own home!

Mommy and I had many nice walks this weekend. I particularly like rolling in the fresh snow that is soft like the couch. I like to bury my face and roll with my legs in the air to get the most scratchy coolness on my back...yum.

I caught the scent of someone yesterday, walking up the road to the hill...I tried and tried to pull Mommy with me, but she fought back. She was mad too and took me back to the front yard where I just had to stand and sniff the wind and try and figure out who had been around. Luckily she always lets me leave behind a note to trespassers that I am here and this is my neighborhood. She even says good boy, which I like alot. It can be tough lifting a leg when the other is sinking into the snow, but I manage.