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Friday, January 22, 2010


Ah the joy of re-frozen snow....so scratchy on my back...so cold and delicious in my mouth!
Love the icy-ness and crunchiness on my back.

The roads are drying and Mom is walking me more which is good for her but mostly good for me. When will they let me off the leash and run run run and be freeeeeeeeeee!
My coat looks so good when I run freeeeeeeeee!
I am not vain...it is just fact.
And besides, Mommy says so.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Poor Mommy, she is so poorly designed for romping in the snow.

She only has two paws on the ground and she has to put on so many extra skins just to go out and then takes them all off when she comes in. It takes her forever to get ready to go out.

She also gets very mad when I run and pull too hard on the leash, but I get so excited, I want to play and roll and play and snuffle and roll. And she walks so slow, like she doesn't want to slip and slide on the driveway like I do.

Poor Mommy...I know not having a glorious tail is hard on her, but only having two paws on the ground seems to be a real handicap. I try to go slow and be patient with her, but sometimes I get going and forget....poor Mommy.

Morning Snow

Fabulous morning romp! Thanks Mom!

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