I Am A Ruby Red Baby, I am Murphy, beloved baby, sweet boy, golden doughnut, sexy beast, thunder paws, farrah fawcett, cuddle muffin, fluffy butt, sock surgeon, egg shaped baby, paper addict, ice cube hunter, jello lover, best traveling dog ever and beaver butt.

Monday, May 26, 2008

King of the Couch

Mommy and Daddy know how much I like pillows. Sometimes Daddy tucks me in even though I am perfectly comfortable in my own fur. Daddy is so silly. I do appreciate the couch they bought me. I share it with Mom every evening when we all watch TV. The rest of the day the bed and the couch is all mine.
Truthfully, all I do all day is wait for Mom to come home.
I am patient, I know she will be back, I know she loves me best.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

This is me. I learned how to swim last summer and getting a stick from the lake is almost my favorite thing ever. The days are getting longer and warmer here. I wonder when Mom and Dad will take me back to the lake? I wonder if there will be plenty of sticks? I like rocks too, but they don't float. The longer days now are good. Mommy can take me on more walks after work. Mommy is a good walk taker, and she likes to walk at night but I don't like to do my business in the dark. So longer days are better for me.
But the best thing is longer days at the lake. Longer days and longer nights with Mommy and Daddy at the lake. Long romps through the woods, into the lake, over to Granny's porch and back to the lake!!!
And the cousins! The big cousins and the little cousins and the furry cousins and me!
Me and my favorite cousin!