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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Mommy loves to put her nose in my belly and breath. I like to tuck my nose in her shoe, or arm pit, or lap and breath. Daddy likes to hold up my paw to his nose and breath. I like to drape my chin across his leg and breath.

It is funny how different we all look and yet we are all the same.
Mostly we just want to be together.

When I was just a baby, the first time I met my Daddy, I fell asleep in his arms. Mommy and Dady were so sad that my brother Teddy had died and I knew I needed to be with them and help them get better. That first night I slept on Mommy's Tummy. I knew I was safe and I knew she needed me as much as I needed her.

All the sniffing and breathing in of one another started that very night and we have been doing it ever since. I love they way they smell. They smell like home and love and happiness.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Romping, Napping, Treats!

Donut Dog

Napping in Daddy's Lap

I had a wonderful day yesterday! I had Daddy home all day and he took me out for many romps in the snow! I love snow! It is delicious and slippery and feels so good on my back when I roll and wiggle in it. I love a good stick that is frozen and covered in snow. I love pine cones that are frozen and covered in snow (Mom calls them cigars - silly mommy). I like to see how many things I can carry at a time. I have been known to manage three sticks, but three pine cones is much more difficult. A stick and a pine cone, or two pine cones, but three is just too many for this retriever.

Last night, Daddy and Mommy were moving furniture and boxes and taking things up and down. I don't really know what they were up to, but when they were done last night, the kitchen was empty, and my bowls were in the bedroom....hmmmmm. I have never head breakfast in bed before!

Bed is one of my favorite places.

Daddy likes to cook when he is home, so he made some delicious treats and of course I got to taste everything. Baked Ziti (hope I spelled that right) was a new and delicious treat I have never experienced before. Mommy will be so happy when she comes home and tries it. I wonder if she has ever eaten it before.

Daddy also likes to give me tastes of this wiggly, cool, fruity thing he calls jello. I am not really sure how to eat it so I let is slide down my tongue and enjoy the fruity coolness. I actually prefer ice cubes but I wouldn't want Daddy to feel bad.

Daddy slept in his chair and I stayed near him on the couch. We had a lovely long nap. Sometimes when he sits in his chair he lifts me up on his lap and tells me I am fat. I am NOT fat. Everyone knows Goldies are big boned... I can sit in his lap and watch TV, but mostly I like to play fight with Daddy. He wiggles his fingers and I wrinkle up my nose like a fierce mountain wolf. He goes to tap me on the nose and I try and grab him with my mouth. I try to be gentle. I never want to hurt my daddy. So I grab him and let go, grab him and let go, and he wiggles and taps and we laugh and carry on until we are ready to nap again.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tracking a New Friend

I woke Mommy up this morning....well I was trying to wake Daddy up but he has been sick and cranky so Mommy got up and took me on a walk this morning. She takes me on good walks up and down the road, and today I pulled and pulled because I wanted to find a new friend.

There were lots of prints in the snow including man prints and a big dog prints. The big dog was a good dog, I could tell. He always walks to the left of his man, he didn't run too far ahead, or too far into the woods. I have trouble with those impulses and I wanted to talk to him about it. I love walking with my Mommy but she always keeps a long leash on me so I will be able to run, but not go across the big road, or into the woods without her.

I usually only smell the regulars who live in our area. Lots of birdies, a variety of annoying squirrels who torment me when I am inside at the kitchen window, evil bunnies who come out at night and think I can't see them and the elusive and most desirable of all outdoor creatures, deer. Oh how I long to romp with the deer. But that is another story...

Today I tracked and dragged Ma-Mah through the frozen tundra and finally met Dakota and his man Fran. Dakota is 8 years old; he is a big beefy 1/2 Husky, 1/2 Golden Retriever - I tried not to make him feel bad about being so old and only 1/2 GR....he was bigger than me and put his mouth right around my neck, so I would know he is the boss of me. I gave him a friendly swat back, but I am a lover not a fighter. Mom was proud of me. We walked for a while back to Dakota's car. Dakota was hit by a car when he was a little pup so he has a limp, but he is allowed to walk with his man off leash, I was jealous.

I love walking in the snow. I especially love rolling in the snow. I like to find a soft clean pile of snow and fling myself into it. I dig my face into the snow, fling my legs in the air and wiggle by back. I roll back and forth. It is kind of like making a snow angel, but I am a bit more abstract than that. I make snow galaxies inspired by the sparkling night time skies.

Mommy and I finished our walk by dropping off the blue bag in the garage where Mommy keeps her collection of my "gifts". She likes to keep them all in one place so that she can show Daddy later. She is always proud of me when I make one, and we laugh and cheer and jump up and down when she puts it in the blue bag.

I am going to take a nap on the couch now. We like to sit and watch tv together. Usually Mom will sit next to me and pet my belly or my rump. We like to be cozy.

Thanks for joining me on my adventure today.

Dakota if you are reading this - I hope to see you again next weekend!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Nose To The Wind

Never has there been a dog so loved.