I Am A Ruby Red Baby, I am Murphy, beloved baby, sweet boy, golden doughnut, sexy beast, thunder paws, farrah fawcett, cuddle muffin, fluffy butt, sock surgeon, egg shaped baby, paper addict, ice cube hunter, jello lover, best traveling dog ever and beaver butt.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dogs Rule

This is my evil step-sister. She thinks she owns the place.
She sits on my Mom and acts like she owns her too.
I know better.I am the Number One Son.
I am the warm body that lies against her legs every night.
I am the one by her side when nothing else is going right.
I am there to help her clean up the pine cones in the yard.
I am there to lick her scratched knees and bumped elbows.
I am there when she is digging in the garden or painting in the kitchen -
and I NEVER step in her paint or get my nose in her glue.
I am the superior child and she is a dirty no goodnik.
Except when she is willing to swat paper or socks from the top of the chest of drawers,
down to me.